AMLON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: Transforming Industrial Waste into Raw Materials

With their more than 35 years of professional experience Lee Lasher and Robert Koppel know as well as anyone that building a successful company is like running a marathon, not a sprint. Amlon was founded in 1979 as a joint venture between 2 European metals trading companies. Koppel joined Amlon in 1983 and soon became its President with Lasher arriving in 1985 as its Senior Vice President. The two early on had a vision of developing the business beyond the traditional scrap trading company into a full service environmental management company. In 2004 they purchased the company and subsequently transformed Amlon into what is today, a global environmental services powerhouse. The company is based in New York with sales offices in Pittsburgh and Houston, agencies worldwide and Alpha Omega Recycling (AOR) a RCRA Part B recycling facility in Longview, TX. They are focused on recycling, processing, treatment and management of metal-bearing by products generated by a wide range of industries including many in the Fortune 500. Amlon works to maximize the economic value of waste materials and reduce its environmental impact. They combine environmental services capabilities with waste management, recycling, processing technologies, hazmat certified logistics personnel, raw materials and commodities supply, to upgrade any waste streams into raw materials. The company truly operates by their corporate motto – WORKING TODAY FOR TOMORROWS ENVIRONMENT.

A one stop shop, Amlon handles virtually every aspect of the metal supply chain, whether it is the collection of residues, by-products, spent catalyst or supplying various metal-based finished products from tolling or regular sales. “One of the great benefits Amlon offers is a full-service environmental management company. The complete range within recycling services is managed all under our roof, which I think is unique. We have our own fully permitted processing facility, significant recycling, management and sales experience in the field, strong technical skills, logistics expertise to manage metal bearing waste streams throughout the entire process,” elucidates Koppel.

One of the strongest pillars of Amlon’s business model and perhaps the key to its success is their diversification. The company manages a wide range of waste streams, commodities including metals such as Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Cobalt, Lead, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Vanadium and even precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium and other metals. “When suppliers look for a full-service company to help manage all these materials, we come in,” adds Lasher. “Such diverse capabilities help Amlon run its business successfully even when the valuation of some metals fluctuate.”

To effectively manage different by-products and waste streams while continuing their growth trajectory Lasher and Koppel recognized the need to vertically integrate. Therefore in 2017 they purchased Alpha Omega Recycling (AOR). This facility located in Longview, Texas is a fully permitted RCRA Part B licensed and HSM approved full-service recycling facility. With the addition of this processing plant, Amlon develops, implements, and manages full-service reclamation, recycling, processing and treatment programs for Spent Catalysts, Metallic Wastes, Scrap Metals, Liquids containing Metals and other raw materials, including those with hazardous classification. A unique and broad, full loop recycling service has now been achieved.
Robert Koppel
The company also possesses the capabilities necessary to process and upgrade waste streams or materials and often divert materials destined for landfills or with no value, and turn them into more useful raw materials. “The combination of Amlon and Alpha Omega made both organizations much stronger, and together we are one company that is witnessing tremendous growth,” says Lasher. The Alpha Omega facility offers thermal desorption, drying, calcining, blending, packaging, screening and chemical processing. Amlon also provides logistical services with expertise in transportation both domestic and international, physical handling, documentation and environmental regulations.
  • One of the greatest benefits of partnering with Amlon is that it is a full-service environmental management company. Every aspect within the recycling chain is managed under our roof

By offering innovative, environmentally sound and economically competitive recycling programs, the company has revolutionized the industry by offering a comprehensive range of services.

What makes the Amlon heart beat and what they believe separates them from the competition are their partners and employees. Over the last few years Amlon Senior management has expanded and now in addition to Koppel and Lasher includes Alan Benjamin who brings to the company expertise on the financial and sales side, Mark Wayne a successful recycling executive and President of Alpha Omega Recycling and Joshua Rubin an attorney with years of expertise in Health Services and education in Environmental regulation.

In spite of the Pandemic that began last year at the end of Q1, 2020 was a banner year for Amlon. Much of the company personnel worked remotely without any drop in the exemplary service they offer. This is a tribute to management’s proactive preparation for this unprecedented event and even more importantly the highly motivated and dedicated personnel. Both Koppel and Lasher expressed pride in their NY, PA and TX staff particularly during these challenging times. The group employs an extremely talented, well trained and skilled team of operators with many years of experience. The logistics team has expertise in domestic and overseas shipment. They can arrange and coordinate the entire logistics process whether by rail, truck or sea container from origin at the generators site to the ultimate destination. They are HAZMAT, IATA, IMDG and TWIC certified, assist the generators on packing solutions and often supply placards that conform to the DOT and HAZMAT requirements. The company carries the appropriate insurance to protect the generator from liability as well. In terms of regulatory services, Amlon meets both domestic and international regulations pertaining to the shipment of recyclables.

Amlon management recognizes that they are providing exemplary service and value to their clients that generate waste materials and throughout the metal supply chain as they continue to receive accolades and written testimonies of approval from their customers. They are well aware that growth to their business is not always a result of best pricing but often the best service and value. This is a critical consideration for generators that have sensitive waste materials that must be picked up on a timely basis and managed in accordance with strict regulations.

Amlon continues to explore opportunities to fuel their expansion and are currently in discussions to purchase additional processing assets to increase capacity and recycling capabilities. “To date, we have always been at the forefront of helping our customers who we consider our partners and will continue to do the same in the future. We strive to bring in new equipment, processes and technologies, to provide better options and service for the all-important customer” concludes Koppel.

With its long history, successful past and present, the future of AMLON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES certainly continues to look bright for this innovative and dynamic company.
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Lee Lasher and Robert Koppel

Amlon Resources has become a global environmental services company focused on recycling, processing, treatment and management of metal-bearing industrial waste streams and spent catalyst